Human Error?

As long as we have competitive sports, no matter football, basketball, swimming and so on, people are very interested in the misjudgment during the match.


It was regular in early days when technology was not so advanced. In the era of high technology, it seems impossible and difficult to understand. Even the best referees vision can not see this subtle difference, but a machine does, it can find out the most hidden failures which the naked eye can not tell. This is why so many big games need to rely on high-tech, which can reduce misjudgement to zero. Based on the topic of robotics to replace humans, should people be concerned if robots will replace vision in the football field.

Due to the misjudgment in the World Cup 2010, football fans who concerned their teams doubted the vision on the football field. offside, diving, Soccer Shoes out of bounds – these happened in each session of World Cup, even use high technology, events still happened after end of the game. This seems insignificant, but in the semi-finals, this misjudgment may cause serious result. So doubt of the authority of vision is not surprising. As a human, misjudgment is inevitable, whether that is inevitable or not is still unknown. Also will we use robots to change the nature of football games in the future is something the fan has thought of for years.

Recently, this problem has been solved by former UEFA president Lennart Johansson who claimed that the American game of football is for human not robot. He said “I believe in the idea that Platini put forward when he said we could have two extra men on the field, Perhaps two referees, but then one behind each goal standing there watching, who could see immediately when the ball is inside the line or not. I face facts that referees are human and humans make mistakes, This is a game for humans and not for robots. This classic conclusion solves the people’s doubt. Belong to what he said, he does not agree for the proposal of using robots on football field. But at the same time, in recognition of the mistakes, he suggest using high technology to monitor competition quality. Also this classic topic explains the humanity of the football game.

In football field, it is human’s war. Eleven football players in the field to make goals using a small ball. The goal which team make more will win the match. Two referees in the sidelines to to monitoring competition. This tradition continues over thirty years accompany with Football Shoes from different brands. Intense competition accompany with skill discussion, atmosphere of tension all increase the ornamental of football game. Also the football shoes which football players worn fully proved that the humanity of football game.

Famous brands produce football shoes for players, not robots. The intense war between Adidas and Nike football shoes focus on famous football stars like C Lo who speaks prison Nike Mercurial Vapor, but his competitor Messi wears Adidas F50 i in the match. Something simular to this happens all the time in the NFL. This will be the highlight for selling football shoes, the gossip news of football players can increase attention to football shoes too. And the popularity may indirectly effect the wonderful game of football. But if robots came onto the football field, the effect may reduce what people find interesting in the game of football. Even referees can be a selling point for brands to voice their new football shoes, if robots become referees, the whole human industry may become expendable.


The information within football rules are increasing and the confidence of football fans is paramount for our sport to continue to thrive, Even with high technology growing there should be a way to blend the two and still have a real football game.

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